25 Sep
Company Principles

1.It is the savviest way to call for a cab:

A lot of people love the high that they get when they can request a ride only with a click. It is not standing on the sidewalk and staring at the passing taxis. One click and that’s it!

2. Reliable service:

Eighty five percent of the people said that they found private taxis to be more reliable than their cousins. Since the destination and the acceptance of the ride are a part of the app, there is no need to even tell the driver where to go.

3.Virtually no haggling:

The application is designed in such a way that it allows for the determination of the fares automatically based on the distance covered and therefore there is no question of bargaining at all.

4.Cleaner, more comfortable cars:

The survey revealed that almost all the participants vouched that the trip through the private taxi was much more comfortable with cars being cleaner and plusher and also smelling good from the inside.

5.Cheaper fares

The private taxis have so far been cheaper. There is surge pricing also where the app determines a slightly higher rate when there is excessive demand for the taxis. But still, three out of four times the surge price is still quite lower than the normal charge of the other taxi.

6.Rules of conduct, especially etiquette:

The drivers were courteous and well dressed. That made a difference to lot of people!It is to be remembered that these are the views of the people who have chosen taxi service like Uber over the traditional taxi services.